Mode of operation

The characters of a composition to be marked are engraved in the workpiece with a Type wheel. Those will be customized with the required characters. The marking strength is applied through an eccentric shaft.

By this marking method, the material will be compressed through the indentation of characters. The penetration depth depends on the material of the workpiece, the characters to the mark and the marking strengh used. The the lettering is indented in the workpiece one after another using the typewheel, which moves in two axis. The required characters are engraved firmly on the custom made typewheel. This type of marking is only suitable for the treatment of unhardened steel, and aluminium plates. The system is designed as a part to be integrated into systems and production lines. It can be mounted on a robot as well as used in a linear structure with fully automatic or manual lining.

Technical configuration

- Housing made of high strength aluminium
- Drive of the rotating axis through stepper motor and belt drive
- Guiding of the linear axis with stiff shafts. The drive is carried out via backlash-free ball screws spindle with stepper motors and belt drive
- Control of the marking process through an absolute encoder
- Marking data via keyboard, bar code scanner or an interface (e.g. RS485, Interbus, Profibus) to a superordinated computer
- Control and visualization using a PC of the newest generation. Alternatively also using a Siemens S7 SPS
- Software with fault diagnosis and help file.

Examples of fields of application

- As VIN Marker to engrave the chassis plate number in coated or uncoated car bodies
- Product labelling according to customer specifications