Needle Systems

Mode of operation

One of about 400 Hz oscillating carbide needle is moved on the workpiece surface. This imprints many consecutive individual dots which result in a close polyline. This kind of marking is specially suitable for the labelling of hard, uneven surfaces such as cast iron surfaces in engine blocks.

With needle marking systems an oscillating carbide needle with approx. 400 Hz. is used. This needle is moved over the surface using a stepper motor controlled coordinates unit, according to the lettering predetermined by the control system. That creates many densely consecutive individual dots which result in a close polyline. Within the writing field you can engrave any text, logos, symbols, special characters and Data Matrix codes of your preference. The penetration depth depends on the material of the workpiece, the workpiece surface, the pressure of the needle and the needle tip angle. Through the very compact design you can also engrave contours which are difficult to reach This system can be used as a mounting unit for integration into systems, robotic cells and production lines as well as a table machine.

Technical configuration

- Housing made from high strength aluminum
- Coordinates unit made from hardened and ground THK-guides with roller bearing slides
- Drive of the coordinates unit through the backlash-free ball screw spindles with stepper motors
- Marking data via keyboard, bar code scanner or an interface (e.g. RS485, Interbus, Profibus) to a superordinated computer
- Control and visualization depending on the requirements using a PC of the newest generation or a compact control system
- Software with fault diagnosis and help file

Examples of fields of application

- Marking the engine number on the cast-iron surface in the automotive industry
- Product labelling according to customer specifications
- Marking from type plates.