Laser Systems

From our own development

The diode-pumped Nd: YAG laser described here is a product of our own development, design and manufacturing. The laser beam source has been developed by our company especially for the high requirements of the large volume application regarding reliability, availability and maintainability. Our laser systems are characterised by their compact design and at the same time by their robustness.


Our laser systems are used mainly in the automotive industry to mark foils and instruction labels in various metals and plastics. Film laser systems of the company Werner Maschinenbau GmbH are assembled on a stable base frame made from light metall profiles with a screwed on aluminum mounting plate. With its compact measurements and, when required, the mounted roll to the base frame,the system can be integrated very flexibly in new and existing manufacturing processes.

Advantages for you

- Permanent marking of your component parts
- You receive a system which is very flexible and can be adjusted very quickly to changing circumstances
- Rugged and compact design. – The diode stack itself is inserted in a hermetically sealed housing. This makes it possiblefor you as a customer to exchange by yourself within a few minutes the consumed diode stack with a new one without influencing the actual pump chamber.

Technical configuration

- Output power of the laser beam source approximately 40 Watt
- Base frame made from light metall profiles. Dimensions: ca. 800 x 1.200 x 1.500 mm (WxLxH)
- Integrated aspiration
- Marking data via keyboard, bar code scanner or an interface (e.g. RS485, Interbus, Profibus) to a superordinated computer
- Control and visualization using a PC of the newest generation
- Software with fault diagnosis and help file.

Examples of fields of application

- Foil labelling of type plates in the automotive industry
- Product labelling according to customer specifications
- Marking from type plates.