Hand-Label Laser

Hand-Label Laser NK74 marking device Laser Safety Class 1

• The portable laser marking machine is used for labeling of large and heavy components
• Intergriebar in assembly – manual workstations
• Connecting line hand laser to control cable 5 meters in flexiben
• Controllable via PC
• Flexible laser marking for hand positioning.
• Compact design and easy to use.
• About the work process signal LEDs we checked if faults are displayed
• The protection against laser radiation is ensured by the automatic shutdown in the event of improper use.


Laser Type: Ytterbium pulsed fiber
Laser output power: 20 watts or 50 watts.
Laser wavelength. 1.060-1080 nm
Pulse width: 100ns pulse repetition frequency 20 (50) kHz to 100 kHz
The maximum pulse energy of 1.0 mJ laser
Cooling: air to air cooling
Deflector scanner head type: 2-axis galvo scanner head
Label: 100×100 mm
Scanner speed. Beam diameter: 40 microns
Distance from the work piece: 160mm

General Characteristics

Connecting cable
Laser unit and control unit cable length 5m
Power and control unit (LxWxH): 470 x 450 x 320 mm,
Weight: 25Kg
Power: 220 VAC, 50 Hz, up to 0.7-1 kW
The laser unit (LxWxH): 387 x 160 x 350 mm,
Weight: 6 kg
Labeling software: “SinMarkTM”

Functional description of the marking system

The diode-pumped ytterbium fiber laser hand marker 20 or 50 characterized by high pulse power and beam quality. It may different materials such as steel, aluminum, plastics and precious metals are also labeled. The laser power is ensured by the parallel connection of multiple diodes. For a long lifetime of the diodes is achieved even at high operating temperatures. The MTBF is greater than 50,000 hours. Fiber lasers are justageunempfindlich and maintenance free. The beam motion is performed by two galvanometer rotating mirror. Due to the low moving mass, high sweep speeds and precise path accuracy are guaranteed. After the deflection the beam we by a flat field lens focused at the working level. High focusability and Erstimpulsunterdrückung allow highly accurate labels on sensitive materials. Fonts, logos and graphics are marked as positional accuracy and faithfully. The software “SinMark” can be run on a standard PC, without expansion cards (USB interface). Through an extensive library of commands for lasers and scanners to even complex tasks can be solved as occasion colored engravings on steel, letter of moving objects, control of external NC axes. An Integrated Live Preview supports the user in his tasks. B

Software “SinMart” consisting of:

Laser unit “markers”: performs work orders; controlled the system during the labeling

Editor: used to create a program on Windows basis
* Laser parameter input manually or automatically from a list
* Entering text using TrueType fonts
* Input of geometric figures
* Input of vector graphics in formats that are in CorelDRAWTM AutoCadTM and raster graphics created in PhotoshopTM
* Creation of bar codes and 2D matrix codes
* Label simulator: enlarged view of the description field and the label text created
* Test and debug display mode

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